Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday: My Monica Closet

You know how everything in life can be compared to a moment on Friends? Well here is one for you. Remember the episode with the closet? The one where Monica won't let Chandler see inside it and it turns out it's because it's her junk closet. It's her messy space. Well, let me introduce you to My Monica Closet.

What's that you say? It doesn't look THAT bad? Oh....perhaps that's because you know I'm awful at remembering the "before" photo and that's after I had already taken all of this out.

It had been awhile since I purged our guest room closet, AKA my off-season or rarely worn items closet. I have a bad habit of holding on to clothes thinking "I miiiiight need to wear this one day." I don't. I forget I even have the stuff. It was time to purge. So I started piles. One for donating and one for an honest to goodness I really will wear this again, including winter coats and such.

I organized everything going back in the closet. Along with the clothes, we keep our luggage, some spare bedding, purses, sleeping bags and our air mattress for extra guest sleeping space in here.

Last step is to fold all the clothes I'm donating, put them in bags/boxes and schedule a pick up from our local charity organization.
I ended up donating two very large black garbage bags full of clothes. Man does that feel good! Yeah, it really does. Go tackle something that's been weighing on you!


  1. Good job inspiring me to finish my purge.

  2. Great job! Closets are easy for me to let get out of control. But it feels so good to purge.

  3. That is funny, I compare a lot of things to an episode of Friends...love that Show! Great job on cleaning out your Monica's closet!

  4. I seriously opened my closet in my own room last night and thought "Dear God, I have to do something with this". Motivation. Thank you :)

  5. I just blogged about my closet today too. funny...



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