Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop

We've got a fun weekend planned ahead. I'm just getting all excited thinking about it!

Pack :)




We are going to spend some time at the cabin this weekend. And our plans include a little more than relaxing. We'll go to the ice cream shop and get sweet treats, head out to the pier to let Gibson run as fast as his little Beagle legs will let him, climb up to the tippy top of the lighthouse and build fires in the fireplace Carl's Poppy built over 30 years ago. Roasting. Toasty. Heartwarming fires. Hopefully my recap will be full of photo love!

Now, more importantly, I want to know what YOU are doing this weekend! Let's get moving on to the hopping.

How it Works: If you haven't already, blog about your weekend plans. Maybe you have a bunch of projects you are going to tackle. Maybe you are attending party after party. Or perhaps you are laying low. Whatever it is, share it on your blog! Try to include at least one task to accomplish as that is the Happy House way ;) Feel free to use the "Weekend Planning" button in your post, the code is on the bottom right hand side of the blog.

Then, come back to this blog and link up your post in the link collection at the bottom of this entry.

If you want to participate in the hopping part of the Blog Hop, click here, copy the code provided and include it in your Weekend Planning post! The more people that participate, the further your blog will hop! :)

As a little extra incentive, the first 3 people to link up their Weekend Planning posts will be featured in the sidebars of both My Happy House and A Life in Progress!

All we ask in return is that you follow the two host blogs, My Happy House and A Life in Progress. Then be sure to comment and let us know if you are a new follower so we can follow you back. And of course, be sure to check out the other blog links! Simple, right?

Let's get to linking and motivating others to having a weekend with purpose!

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