Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cam is 12 Months...

It's all done.  My baby is 12 months.  Oh fine, he's a year old.  And he's currently playing with old measuring cups and pushing a chair around the kitchen.  I don't know why we buy toys!

I just want to do his quick 12 month recap though before I forget everything.  Seriously, where did my memory go??

Cam has started taking more steps here and there, but is still too cautious to start walking.  Either that or he just realizes that he can crawl much faster than these baby steps and he's in a hurry!

He waves when we say "hi" or "bye bye" but not always in public.  He likes to keep his tricks for us, I suppose.  He claps any time we say "yay."  Even if he is in the middle of something, he will stop for some clapping.

We now get daily hugs and I know how to get them.  You can't just ask, but if he stands up on his changing table, he leaps into a hug. The most awesome, tight baby hug you'll ever get.
Cam's favorite dinner is spaghetti, and he still thinks Gibson is the bees knees!

We spent Cam's actual birthday at the Hands On Museum and I don't think he wanted to leave.  If his little eyes weren't closing on their own, we would have let him stay!  Although, it's a tight race as to who was having more fun, Cam or Carl :)

The last month was filled with Cam's first Christmas, 1st New Years, all the last of his firsts.  We're all done with annual firsts, but I have a feeling some of the "seconds" will be even better!


  1. I love the collage of pictures! I might have to do that when my little girl arrives!

  2. he is beautiful. has gorgeous eyes too!

    happy 12 months Cam!

  3. He is such a cutie and getting so big. I can't beleieve he is a year already

  4. Molly he is just so adorable!!! I think you have one more first coming around the corner though! Buddy's gonna need a haircut soon! =)

  5. Thanks all! @Rachael- he's had two already!!!

  6. He is so handsome! Love the collage you created with all the images. It's so fun to see him grow.

  7. OMG the collage is such a cute idea. Happy Birthday Cam <33

  8. Wow how I wish I have created that same collage for my baby! that was so cool!

    It's amazing to see him grow month after month. From this: he turned into a big boy. :)

    Good job ♥



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