Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy House Process: SAHM Cleaning Schedule

I wanted to create a SAHM cleaning schedule, mostly for myself, because I'm finding no two weeks are the same.  Rather than saying "Oh it's bathroom day on Monday" I'm seeing it works better to just have a list of "tasks" and choose where each one goes for each week.  The other issue I run into is nap time, because I have a light sleeper on my hands :/


I've broken larger chores down into grouped tasks.  Two tasks can easily be done each day if necessary.  I babysit outside of my home a couple days a month and like to schedule 1-2 play dates each week, so I need to factor that in and work around it.  I also like to leave the weekend for relaxation, family time or larger projects.

Task 1: Bedrooms &Vacuum
Task 2: Bathrooms
Task 3: Living Spaces &Vacuum
Task 4: Errands
Task 5: Laundry

  • Decide which task(s) will be done on which days at the beginning of each week
  • Space out Task 1 and Task 3 with at least one day in between so that vacuuming happens twice a week, but not back to back. 
  • Start laundry in the morning during breakfast to get a jump start on the day. 
  • Sweep during breakfast (contained baby means good sweeping time!)
  • Wipe down the bathroom after you shower
  • Dishes and kitchen clean up after dinner while Daddy gets in some QT- otherwise done after bed time
  • Notice that kitchen isn't on the task list.  Consider that a daily task and just spend an extra 5-10 minutes after the dinner mess is cleaned. 
  • Laundry can either be scheduled over two days, or one load a day
  • The Bedroom task consists of stripping all bedding, washing it, dusting and making the beds.
{My Example}

Week of February 13th:

Monday: Babysit
Tuesday: Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Wednesday: Playdate day and Laundry
Thursday: Living Spaces & Vacuum
Friday: Playdate day and Errands

I've saved a quick view version of this on the Cleaning Schedules page.

Of course this doesn't only have to be for SAHMs, nor will it work for every SAHM!  But it's certainly a jumping point for anyone who has cleaning duties :) 

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