Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I'm slightly Insane

Alright, I am fully aware I'm crazy.  So it's not like this is anything new.  But what could confirm it for any other person was what I attempted two weekends ago.  Like many of you, I started my "online life" through The Knot.  I transitioned to The Nest and made some great local friends.  Some of them are very dear to me.  From there, I made the move to The Bump.  I really bonded with my birth month board.  It was a great place to gush, vent, share, ask questions and everything in between.  These girls had become my lifeline to everything Cam and then some.  We have been a group for just over 2 years now since we've been "together" since we were all pregnant.  So what better way to break in the newly finished basement than by inviting the whole group of 200+ people for a huge slumber party?

Ok, ok, so not all 200 could come.  But seeing as we are spread across two countries with many miles between us, that's not really a shocker.  And I'm pretty thankful seeing as I'm not quite sure where I would put them all.  However, we did end up with 25 girls.  All in my house.  No babies.  No diapers.  No high chairs.  Just 25 moms, in the flesh.  I dubbed the weekend the most intense Facebooking of my life.  Oh and don't forget, this is all while 30 weeks pregnant :/

Luckily, Michigan has a good core group, including some Ohio mommas.  We all pulled together and made it relatively stress free.  We planned outings and dinner and each brought food and goodies to supplement. 

Here was the breakdown:
  • 13 localish girls driving less than 2 hours
  • 3 Canadians
  • 6 thought this was worthy of a plane ticket.  
  • 2 sets of 2 carpooled from Chicago and further west
  • 1 last minute drive up from Kentucky

This isn't even everyone.  But this is what we call a living room full of mommas.

Thank goodness for these local gals, as well as the rest of them!  Also: Bump Spotting- 30 Weeks 

Here is what it looks like to stuff your entire basement with air mattresses.  Oh alert. Sneak peak of the basement!

This is what happens when 25 people go out to dinner. And I think it was the first time, in the history of ever that we weren't short money with a group.  Alleluia.

All that said, I know many of you have pretty active online lives, so just in case you decide to test your sanity, here are some tips of how to make your own huge get together a little less stressful.

1. Do not attempt this alone.  There is no way I would have pulled this off without the help of roughly 9 other local girls. 
2. Keep dining out to a minimum.  It's stressful and difficult for everyone to chat anyway.  We ate out for the two dinners we had, but that was it.  Everything else was in house.
3. To make sure we had all the bases covered, the local girls had a sign up sheet to indicate what each person would bring.  This ranged from chips to main dishes to alcohol to additional bedding, and everywhere in between.
4. Paper paper paper.  Do not attempt any sort of real dishes.
5. Reservations.  Obvious one I think, but don't forget that piece.  
6. You all know I'm a major hostess.  It's just in my body.  But with this kind of event, being 30 weeks pregnant, I had to let things go.  I tried my hardest to make sure everyone was comfortable, had any necessary amenities and maintained the house the best I could, but some things got left behind.  And gasp.  I let people help.  I don't even know how much everyone else did.  It was just amazing to see 25 girls, in one house, pulling together, and spending some great quality time. 
7. I did not even attempt to have dining seating for everyone.  It was just a get in where you fit in type deal.  All the food was located on the dining room table or in the kitchen.  All the chairs were available for seating as well as the family room and living room couches.  It worked fine.
8. All luggage was upstairs near the full baths, all bedding was in the basement.  It seemed to be a good system.  
9. Just do it.  Even if you are nervous.  Even if it's just a couple people you are dying to meet.  Be safe, obviously, but don't be afraid to reach out and meet someone you feel like you've known your whole life.  It's a weekend I'll absolutely, without a doubt, never ever forget.


  1. Looks like so much fun! This year I'm going to two overnight blogger meetups. So excited!

  2. Wow that's so neat that you all got together, what fun that must have been!!

  3. Awesome! I love meeting my own Nesties in person! Very brave of you to host that many though, that's a lot of ladies!

  4. Looks like a great time :) Where in MI are you? I live in A2 and would love done Mommy friends!

  5. This looks like so much fun. And it's just crazy to me how close we can become with online friends. Sometimes it feels like you are closer than real life friends.

  6. Just now seeing this post. It was such a great time and it definitely came together very well! Kudos!


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