Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ah yes, I'm joining the food blog world. I've decided to do it for two reasons: 1. The wedding is over and so I can really focus on what I make for dinner instead of that pesky wedding to do list. 2. I have a HORRIBLE memory and can barely remember what we ate last night, much less last week. So hopefully this will remind me how much I liked certain recipes...or maybe not so much.

I am no chef. I love my cooking tools, but that doesn't mean I am good with them. So I will try to give fair warning on any and all of my meals if they aren't exactly superb. And lastly, I grew up as the baby in a family of 8. Even when I was the last one there, my mom was still making enough food for 8. I have inherited this trait. But I am a huge fan of leftovers as lunch, so it works for me. Don't worry though, I will tell you how many people my meals feed, so you can always cut down on the proportions. Enjoy and happy cooking!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!!! Blog looks great..


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