Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Bath Spruce Up: Half Bath

Like I said before, we aren't dumping a bunch of money into the bathrooms right now, but like the others, the half bath was suffering from 1997 syndrome. Please see Exhibit A. And oh dear, I'm going to apologize right now. This picture was taken on the walk through- remember how I said the first purchase we made was new toilet seats? can see why. Not that the condition would have really mattered, we would have gotten new ones regardless, but still.

Exhibit A: This picture obviously isn't the greatest, but it gives you an idea. Boring, outdated and blah.

The next picture is after we primed it. We used a gray primer so we wouldn't have to do a ton of coats of the reddish orange paint. If you are painting with red, this is a great tip! Do it!

Oh, and you can't see the light fixture, but it was similar to the one in the guest bath. Lovely builder grade brass, yum.

And now, the after:

So what did we do?
Painted the ceiling white
Painted the walls- Color Franks Fire by Ace, Eggshell Flat (The last picture is the best representation of the color)
Swapped out the following brass items for brushed stainless steel
*Toilet handle
*Toilet paper holder
*Hand towel ring
*Door knob and hinges
*Light fixture
(those last two made huge differences!)
Hung new black shelf
Added our own accessories
Swapped out the outlet covers for new, clean ones
Stripped down the hardwood floors and refinished them

What's next on the list?
*New countertop (again not a priority, but down the road)
*New mirror- most likely a simple black framed mirror

ETA: Picture with the light off and you can see the toilet paper holder now. (Plus my picture was crooked, and that was bugging me :) )


  1. Looks great! I really like the piece of art on the wall above the towel holder. Is it photography? Could you post a close-up to get a better look?

  2. Thanks Amanda! You can actually just click on the photo- it will get much larger. The "art" is from our engagement session- it is our feet. I felt weird putting a picture of us in the bathroom...but I figured our feet were ok :)

  3. I actually just figured that out. I really like the frame! Feet are totally appropriate in the bathroom :)

  4. Looks good!! I like the final result!


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