Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tackle it....Wednesday?

I had full intentions to organize my pantry yesterday. In fact, I even took the "before" pictures yesterday. But alas, I didn't get to it. I'm blaming it on the holiday. So, better late than never, Tackle it Tuesday.

My kitchen is anything but huge. And when we bought the house, I was worried about storage. But I realized the pantry off the laundry room right next to the kitchen would help tremendously. Although, there was definitely some wasted space in there, so I had Carl add the shelf along the top and the canned goods rack to the right. I feel as though it is extremely functional now...well when it's organized at least. It had gotten a little out of control lately, so it bumped it to the top of my list of things needing tackling.

So the before shots...a day old:

And the after...much better:

Oh and apparently pantry shots are not easy, but you can trust me, the whole thing is organized. Even the impossibly unphotographic left side ;)

So, what did you tackle yesterday? Nothing? Oh, c'mon! Get to tackling!

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