Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Snags Won't Stop Me!

As I was leaving work (a tad early to have extra time to prepare last night's dinner), I checked my phone. In terms of my dinner date, I got the worst possible message. Carl had missed his flight. Crap. The airport was packed, there were 27 people on the standby list for the next flight, it wasn't looking good. So I just continued tidying up the place in hopes that some miracle would happen, and he'd get on the next flight.

Well, that miracle came. So he at least made it home last night, 2 hours later than planned, but nevertheless home that night. Once that was settled, I modified my timeline and pressed on with the plans.

Everything turned out lovely. He was pleasantly surprised, and after a craptastic day of traveling, he said this was the perfect thing to come home to!

Sometimes keeping a happy home means keeping the romance alive. And, to me, nothing is more romantic than a homemade, candlelit dinner on your wedding china.

So, about 30 minutes before he arrived, I poured the wine into the decanter to give it time to breathe. And just a few minutes before he arrived, I got out my cheese board I had prepared and covered the night before and lit the candles. (Dinner was all underway)

Dessert was served with coffee. The perfect compliment to the very rich flourless chocolate cake.

So get to surprising your sweetheart! I miiiiiight just try to make this more of a monthly thing. We'll see how that goes ;)

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