Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Tis Monday again. They aren't nearly as bad when you have the day off work. And they are even better when you know you have Friday off as well. But either way, it is time to recap my weekend.

I had quite the ambition this weekend to get things done, but like many of my weekends, it did not go as planned. So let's see here, what did we actually accomplish:

Carl’s Birthday Dinner

Clean the Basement

Work on window casings and shoe molding
Cut the Grass

Make guacamole for our friends' party
Organize/Clean Vanity area
Weed the garden

Attend Fundraiser BBQ
Possibly pick up our wedding video

(*note...most of MY things got done...but it was for good reason)

We decided to tackle a long overdue project, window treatments. I am so thankful we got this done. Siiiiiiiiigh! Check out the befores and afters:

With the previous owner's stuff:

With our temporary window treatments (including the lack thereof)

And finally...the AFTERS! Dining Room:

And the Formal Living Room:

I'm in LOVE!

Was your weekend as productive as you hoped it would be?


  1. I LOVE your decorating style and the curtains are perfect for the space! Absolutely stunning rooms!

  2. It is never as productive as I hope it will be!

    Where did you get the dining table and chairs? Love them and we are in the market!

  3. Thanks!

    All the furniture in the dining room is from a company called canadel. If you go to you can see if a retailer near you sells it.

  4. I love the curtains! I have been looking for a couple of months but haven't found the "ones" - where did you find them?

  5. Thanks! The curtains and sheers are from PB, and the rods are from BBB.


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