Monday, July 6, 2009

MIA Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

I completely slacked last week, but it was for a good cause. Carl was actually home ALL week, and we celebrated the holiday at my parents house all weekend with my entire family. So I didn't have time to post much of anything. But I'll catch you up to speed here.

Tackle it Tuesday:
Consisted of grocery shopping for our weekend "trip." I was on healthy food duty, which I usually try to claim. When visiting and relaxing, it is really easy to just snack on chips all day, but I find if healthy snacks are available, they get eaten! Next time you're headed to the beach, going on vacation, a long car trip, grab your cooler and pack something healthy!
My choices this week were:
Green Peppers

Everything was cut, washed and put into it's own bag, except for the strawberries as they shouldn't be washed until right before eating them. I did come home with some extra veggies, but ALL the fruit was gone.

Weekend Planning
was simply to relax. We made sure the house was good and clean on Thursday and Friday before we left so we wouldn't come home to a mess- I highly recommend this before any trip!

Now, I'm definitely not a health nut, and I love a sweet as much as the next person. So on Saturday, I took my nieces to the grocery store, and we got the goods to make one of my FAVORITE desserts. Cupcake Ice Cream Cones! The only way these will work is if you frost them with rainbow chip frosting, because I said so :)

*****WARNING***** The photo you are about to see is untouched and sans makeup. But could I leave out these smiling faces? Everyone is happier when their cupcake is eaten out of an ice cream cone!

So let's roundup this weekend, shall we?
Things to do:
Get the house nice and clean before leaving for the weekend: check!
Bring healthy snacks for family: check!
Make a fun treat with the kiddos: check!
Spend the entire weekend relaxing by the water and fully enjoying my famiy: CHECK!

I hope everyone had a very HAPPY 4th of JULY!

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