Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Sometimes things need cleaning that you don't really think about; tops of cabinets, vents, doorknobs, etc. But tonight, I tackled something that needed "cleaning", my computer, photos to be exact. I use my computer every day, and many times I just save the photos I take in a quick way. But I wanted to clean it up and make it easier to use. Here's what I did:

Step 1: Moved any "loose" photos into a specific folder. I prefer to do mine by months or large events, but typically months.
(Steps 2 and 3 are easily interchangeable)
Step 2: Move any rarely used folders to a removable storage device such as an external hard drive or disc.
Step 3: Create folders for each year, and an ongoing folder. So I have a 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 folder. Then I also have one labeled "ongoing" for event or activity folders that are continuous- such as a house folder.

Not only did I free up some space on my computer, but I also made my pictures much easier to search and look through!

And since I hate having a post with no photos...I'll show just how easy I made mine to go through!

Carl and I in 2006:

Carl and I in 2007:

Carl and I in 2008:

Carl and I in 2009:


  1. You guys are such a cute couple!

  2. I have to say your blog has completely changed how I clean house!! My house has never been cleaner then it is now, thanks to you!! :-)


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