Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going on VACATION? Stop here first!

As we prepare for yet another little vacation, ok, it's not "little." It's our one year anniversary! Yep. Can't believe it myself :) Real quick trip down memory lane:

Ok, so back to the task at hand! I thought since I was using them myself tonight, I would share with you my traveling checklists.


Warm and Cool clothes (depending on the climate)



Bathing Suit

Cover Up

Beach towel


Dressy attire if necessary- don’t forget coordinating shoes

Jewely and watch

Personal Items

o Makeup

o Blow Dryer

o Straightener

o Curling Iron

o Hairspray

o Face Wash

o Body Wash

o Shampoo

o Conditioner

o Medicine

o Razor

o Shaving Cream

o Toothbrush

o Toothpaste

o Lotion- face and body

o Sunscreen

o Glasses and/or Contacts, plus cases and solution

o Bath towels (if necessary)

Small extra bag to take to the beach or excursions






Camera including charger and computer adapter

Video Camera including charger and computer adapter

GPS system and charger

Cell phone and charger- car and wall if applicable



MP3 player



Credit Cards

Tickets- plane, train, etc.


Search for coupons to any restaurants or stores you might be planning to go to while away- just google search the store name + coupon

If your trip is international, determine whether or not an international plan on your phone would be worthwhile

Check through all your bills to make sure you won’t miss any deadlines. Consider setting them up online as you can set up the payment in advance without sending it early if you are waiting on a paycheck.

Make sure you are caught up on your laundry. You’ll be coming home with a big stack of dirty clothes, and it will be nice to not add to the pile!

Avoid paying other bank’s ATM fees and stop by the ATM to get cash, or the bank for traveler’s checks. Be sure to split up your money into different locations in case of theft or a lost bag.

Be sure you have your passport or other necessary identification.

Get gas and check fluids the night prior to your trip or arrange for travel to the airport if necessary

Lock all windows and doors securely and remove any keys hidden outside the house

Tell neighbors that you'll be away and how they can reach you in an emergency

Close blinds and curtains

Water plants and mow lawn before leaving home or arrange for a neighbor to care for them while you're away

Dial your thermostat up or down to avoid paying for unnecessary heat or air conditioning

Arrange for pet care at a kennel or in your home- or see the pet travel checklist

Write down all the important addresses you need for the trip: hotels, restaurants, activity locations, etc. If you have a GPS, take the time to program the addresses into the system. If not, print off maps, or one generic map

Do a clean sweep of the house: a quick once over with the vacuum, empty all the trash baskets, clean out the fridge of any food that might spoil (or put items in the freezer if that is available), do the dishes, change the bed sheets and wipe down the bathrooms. It’ll feel great to come home to a clean house!

Check the weather of the location you will be traveling to, and pack accordingly

When packing your clothes, pack in terms of outfits. You’ll find choosing your clothes for the day much less stressful when you already have them planned out. Also consider bringing either black or brown- this way you can limit the number of shoes you have to bring.


Pet Travel Checklist


Blankets (don’t forget an extra one in case of an accident)

Large rag or old beach towel- you will want this if there is the chance of them going swimming or getting dirty

Food & measuring cup

Water and Food bowl



Kong (We always bring a little peanut butter to keep the dog occupied)

Leash & Collar

Long chain with tie down (If there will be a grassy area, this is a great idea!)

Medication- don’t forget their heartworm pill if you will be gone while they need it

Bed, if they don’t sleep in their crate

Potty Bags for walks

Hope this helps you out! And I hope you get to use them very soon! If you'd like a pdf or Word version, just leave your email in the comments. I'll be happy to send them to you! HAPPY TRAVELS!

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  1. Happy Anniversary. I hope you have a great trip.


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