Saturday, August 8, 2009

Backyard Love: A Little Paint & Outdoor Speakers

When we moved into the house, there were some awful steps leading out the sliding glass door to the backyard. I guess we were fortunate there were steps and a concrete patio, but the steps...well they weren't anything to write home about.

It also had a very lovely railing. Sorry for the awful picture, but I didn't think to take a proper "before" shot before Carl went at it with a saw.

Well, we have really depleted our renovation budget with other projects, so the money was just not there to completely redo the steps. So instead, we took the cheap route with a bucket of paint! It's not a permanent solution, but they definitely look better!

So on top of that, I bought Carl outdoor speakers for his birthday. It was quite the process of running the wires from the family room receiver, down through the basement and outside, but Carl said it was well worth it. He mounted the speakers above the sliding glass door (which is getting replaced tomorrow!!! Stay tuned for that!). The wires are actually existing ones from the phone and such, so he just zip tied the speaker wires behind those.

But that's not all folks! Of course he wanted to make it a touch more complicated. He wanted a volume knob outside as well. So he decided to install one into the side of the stairs. He inserted an electrical box, a volume knob, and a cover to protect it from wet weather.

So of course we spent the evening outside, eating pizza on the grill and jamming to some tunes! It was the perfect way to end our very busy weekend! But I'll explain all the productivity tomorrow.

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