Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

It's time to roundup the weekend and see how many of the goals we set forth were achieved! Between the rain and the sweltering heat, it was a little difficult to get all our tasks done this weekend. But I would say we were quite the weekend warriors!

Green means we planned to do it and it got done
Red means we didn't get to it
Blue means it wasn't planned but we got it done!

  • Both: Sister's birthday party
  • Carl: Work on the patio steps

  • Clean hardwood floors
  • Finish the closet and undergarment drawers (including matching up all mismatched socks or getting rid of them!)
  • Organize all the clothes we are donating- take inventory for tax purposes
  • Clean up the garden- level dirt and weed (and pick some tomatoes!)
  • Clean my desk in the office and do some filing (I decided to throw this on the week's task list instead, I was pooped after the above tasks!)

  • Finish the patio steps
  • Finish installing the outdoor speakers
  • Golf...

So, what did you accomplish this weekend??

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