Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spare Time Thursday: Formal Dining Room

You want to know what I didn't want to do tonight? I'll tell you. Spare Time Thursday is what I didn't want to do tonight. I was lucky enough to spend this evening with some of my favorite gals shopping (er, returning), eating and drinking. It was long overdue! But on my drive home, I was thinking, gosh, I'd really just like to cuddle up in bed and watch some TV. But I pressed on, because c'mon, we ALL have a little time we can spare!

So tonight's task, the formal dining room. It's been featured many times in my blog thus far, quite possibly because it is my favorite room in the house. It is exactly the way I want it, and I LOVE entertaining in it! But to do that, it has to be clean. It's not that difficult to make sure it is that way, and here's how!

10 Minutes:
Dust everything down with a damp cloth- water only. You really shouldn't use pledge on your dining set. Just a little bit of water to keep the dirt from scratching the furniture will do the trick. Endust is another option if you really feel the need to use a cleaning product. I have my table, 8 chairs, cabinet and sideboard. It usually takes me roughly 10 minutes to do.

20 Minutes: Do the above and then clean the glass- windows, glass on the cabinets, glass table tops, etc. Check out that sparkling cabinet!

40 Minutes: Do the above, but as you are cleaning the cabinet, pull everything out, and clean the backs and bottoms of the shelves.

45 Minutes: Do all the above, and then clean your floors. I like to just run a wet swiffer around, and move the furniture as I go.

See, that wasn't so bad after all was it? I'm definitely glad it's done and now the only thing my dining room is missing is some guests. Hmmm...who to call....

Were you able to spare some time for cleaning tonight?


  1. um. no. i did not spare any time for cleaning- by the time i got home from the festivities i was too sleepy (and lazy) to even care about the condition of the apt. high fives to you!

  2. Your dining room is so pretty, I love it. Did you get a new banner? It's a adorable, this is the first time I noticed it. Have a great weekend.


  3. I sure did Karen! Thanks! I switched it over this week. I felt it needed a little personalization! If you haven't been here since the switch, make sure to scroll down and enter the giveaway!!

  4. No spare time today, but I need to get on that over the weekend! :)

  5. I love your dining room, it's beautiful. :)

  6. My Happy House! I luv this blog! I luv that dining room. Once I learn how to work this "blogbrew," I will be blogging daily. Right now I am boring but was too happy to stop by "My Happy House" Thanks.....


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