Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Planning

I'm thinking we are going to keep it light and simple this weekend. No need to burn ourselves out, right?

  • Nephew's Birthday Party (Between the two of us, we have 12 nieces and nephews with 2 more on the way, so this is a common event)
  • Pack our overnight bags and head to the in-law's- we'll relax with coffee tomorrow morning before heading back

  • He started patching the holes around the windows from blind removal and installation, so he will finish patching, priming and painting those areas

  • Organize Linen Closet
  • Organize empty guest room in preparation for painting

  • Finish prepping the empty guest room- and possibly start painting

  • Plan our first annual Fall Run & Fun Food party for early October...more on that later
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  • Leave for work trip :(
Have you set out a plan for the weekend??? Have a GREAT weekend!!

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  1. I will be doing alot of organizing and cleaning this weekend...its out of control over at my house! :)


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