Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Planning

Oh it's that time again! It's Fridaaaaaaaaaay! And it's time to sit down and decide what needs to...or should get done this weekend. Carl decided early this week, so it was just a matter of making my decisions. So here we go.

  • Spray for bugs (this was my requirement, I have walked through 5 too many spider webs lately)
  • Start working on removing the hardware from the sliding glass door's old vertical blinds, patching and painting

  • Make a delicious dinner :)
  • If it is cool enough, I really am going to clean up my garden!
  • If it isn't cool enough, I'm going to organize the pantry- food areas always need the most organizing for me as they are always being utlized!

  • Finish patching and painting the sliding glass door area
  • Continue working on the window casings...another tedious project for him :(
  • Cut the grass

  • If it isn't cool enough on Friday night to clean up the garden, I'll get up early on Saturday and do it
  • Otherwise, this is when the pantry will get done
  • Make a yummy treat to take to my brother's house for a party
  • Buy my nephew's FIRST birthday present

  • Wash our cars- depending on the weather
  • Relax and enjoy my nephew's birthday party at my parents' house. Bathing suits required.


Do you have your weekend planned out? This is almost a must for me, because I find once I write it on a list, it HAS to get done! Such a great motivation tool!

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  1. I just spent quite a bit of time reading through your posts. I enjoyed it very much and hopefuly you will be the motivation that I need to get some stuff done around the house on a daily basis! Unfortunately, we have lived in our house for less than a month and it is still a disaster area with paint and missing cupboard doors, but soon enough I will have a clean house and look forward to your tips to keep it that way!


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