Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Organization Tools!

Organizing the pantry (pretty much a monthly task) was on my to do list this weekend. Rather than just organizing it the same way I have in the past, we decided to take a new approach. I wanted to make it more functional, and there was one clear area that kept hanging me up, the plastic sandwich bags, aluminum foil, cling wrap, etc. See how it was taking up way more space than necessary on the bottom shelf?

So we decided to move around some of the storage items and remove an old one from the previous owner to make room for new ones. Enter- new organization tools!

(Please don't judge the paint job- it's pretty much the only thing we haven't painted. Carl will do it the next time we have white paint out...)
If you keep yours inside a cupboard, they also make a bi-level one that would fit all these items in one, but I wanted ours to be flush against the wall.

So, now I have room for all my baking items, plus my stand mixer and food processor. Oh, it is SO much more functional now. It just makes sense!

So, the next time you decide to clean up or organize an area, think about whether it is reaching it's full potential! I know this area wasn't, but with a little :::cough cough::: common sense, it works great! I'm still kicking myself a little for not doing this sooner!

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