Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cider Mill Crawl 2009 Recap

Cider Mill Crawl 2009 was a COMPLETE success. Well, minus the fact that one of our dear friends is sick and couldn't attend ::insert huge sad face here:: but I'm sure she'll make it next year! Due to that, we were missing one cider mill contribution as she was going to bring one from her neck of the woods. It worked out fine...3 was plenty! We are all suffering massive food comas, but it was all completely worth it!

As for the planning aspect, all went smoothly. I woke up, snuck in a run, and started the slow cooker chicken before I left. I did a few final touches so that I could do as little as possible when we got back. That included setting out the cider glasses with little raffia bows around the short stems and pouring the candy corn in dishes.

We made it safely to all three cider mills, and got 12 donuts and a 1/2 gallon of cider at each location. This allowed us to have a taste at the mill and then compare them all at once when we got home. The weather couldn't have been better either!

So after all three stops, we went back to my house, I started the rice for dinner and set everything out. You can see the menu in the previous post. Then we warmed up the donuts, loaded up the platters and set out the cider.

Mickey was kind enough to make us all take home bags for our extra donuts! Seriously, how cute are these?

Needless to say, this will definitely be an annual event! We are already discussing how next year's will go. But of course...we have to work on our 2nd annual Mock Thanksgiving! Mmmm turkey! (we have a lot of annual events :) )

So just a few tips if you are going to plan a similar function:

1. Do as much as possible ahead of time! Prep food and put it in the bowls you will serve them in and cover with plastic wrap. Set platters, glasses, etc. out. I will often times lay a clean kitchen towel open items to keep them clean. Then just remove the towels and voila!

2. Create a timeline. They are very useful and very helpful! Work backwards from your party time, and don't forget to include time to get ready

3. Take lots of photos! These kinds of events are the ones you'll want to look back on down the road!

*as always you can click on the photos to make them much larger


  1. Was the plaid a wardrobe requirement?? :) Looks like it was a great time! :) I miss "Northern" cider - I moved to NC about 6 years ago and it's just not the same!!! :)

  2. Carrie- Yes!! Plaid or flannel was the dress code ;)

  3. I am SO sad I missed it! From my couch it looked like a beautiful day. ::hugs and a sad face::


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