Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Much Anticipated Cider Mill Crawl: Planning

Here in Michigan, there are a few big things that (at least in my opinion) we get really excited for.

1. The first, fresh, white snowfall of winter
2. The last, fresh, white snowfall of spring
3. The very few beautiful summer days that aren't too humid
4. College/Pro football (this does not apply to me, but my facebook is blowing up with updates, so I feel it's necessary to include)
5. The changing of colors on our trees

Yes, Michigan is known for it's apples, and rightly so, our cider mills. There is nothing better than a tall glass of cider and a warm, freshly baked donut on a crisp fall day. So when I was with a handful of my closest gals, the idea formulated that we should give a few cider mills the option to compete for the best donuts and cider. (No....the mills have no idea this is going on, it is for our personal benefit only).

The planning was in full force, and after many emails (and a lot of research from Mickey ) we had our first (hopefully annual) Cider Mill Crawl agenda. Think of a pub crawl, but substitute cider for beer, donuts for stale popcorn and a handful of great friends laughing all day for a bunch of drunk people acting crazy and passing out. (Note: I love a good pub crawl...but for a Sunday afternoon, this will work lovely :) )

Plan: Wear a plaid or flannel shirt and hop from mill to mill to find the best cider and donuts this side of the mitten state.

12:00pm Meet at Mickey's house for lunch
1:00pm Leave for the first mill
2:30pm Move on to the second mill
4:00pm Leave for the third and final mill
5:30pm Leave the last mill to head to Molly's house for dinner and tasting
6:00pm Dinner at Molly's
6:30pm Donut & Cider Tasting

So, my portion of the planning starts around 6pm, when we'll return to my house. I'll have dinner for everyone, as well as the stations for donuts.

  • Appetizer: Veggie Tray (nothing huge, as it won't be long before we are eating dinner)
  • Main Course: Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken & Rice (This way, it can cook all day while we are out and about, and will be ready when we return)
  • Betty Salad
  • Dessert: Donuts, of course

I'll also have a few bowls of Halloween candy, because if there is one thing I know, it's that this group loves candy!

I've already got my table set up for tomorrow- I just hope that we don't eat all the donuts before we get back here! Each corner has a different platter for donuts, as well as signs for each cider mill so we can keep track of which donuts and cider we like best!

The small square bowls will hold the candy, I'll place glasses on the round woven tray (no need to do that until tomorrow though), and clearly each tray is designated for donuts. We will just set the cider out accordingly as well. I have appetizer sized plates for the donuts. Everything else for dinner will be in the kitchen.

I'll start dinner in the slow cooker before I leave, and everything will get a quick wipe down in the morning. Otherwise, we are good to go! Stay tuned for the recap!


  1. That is the cutest idea and sounds like so much fun. I love the setup of your table, can't wait to find out how it goes!

  2. Oh my! That sounds like so much fun! I wanna go too! We live in Michigan too only we're over on the other side. Have an awesome time! Drink some cider for me!


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