Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Planning

::::Does Happy Friday Dance:::: Yippy Skippy! What's on the docket?

Work on Fall decor
Plan for Cider Crawl

Change out garage door knob- the absolute LAST piece of brass in our house!

Relax and enjoy a quiet night in

Returns to Home Goods
Finish planning and prep for Cider Crawl

Run copper plumbing to garage to give us an additional hose spigot

Clean our cars (hopefully with the new hose spigot!)


Carl: He says nothing...we'll see

I'm hoping we get a little more done than this, but we both deserve a resting weekend!

Do you have big plans?


  1. I just have to ask...
    I see that you have plans to make shopping returns quite regularly.
    Why is that?

  2. No prob. "Often" typically works out to about once a month for me. When it comes to decor, I am usually pretty indecisive. So I almost always come home with two options when adding a new piece of decor to the house. I will play around with both, and take the other back afterward. Tonight, I was messing around with a fall vase arrangement- so I have to return some extra pieces to Michaels and Hobby Lobby :) It's just easier for me to do it this way.

  3. How is HomeGoods,I've never been there and I just foubd that there's one close to it worth the trip?

  4. I don't know what a cider crawl is but it sounds like fun! I'll be changing out the last of our door knobs too. (Matt doesn't have the patience.) Then we'll be heading out for a corn maze. My favorite!

  5. Lil'Woman- to me, Home Goods is hit or miss. The prices aren't always the best you can find, but they do have a huge variety of items! I bought my table runners for the dining table and sideboard there, and LOVE them!

    Megs- I'll be posting about it today- so keep an eye out! And even though I grew up in farm country, I've never done a corn maze. I guess I'll have to try one this year.


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