Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Evening Weekend Round Up

Ah the start to a new week. Carl isn't traveling, so I don't even care that it's Monday! Let's see how we did this weekend.

-Make delicious Mediterranean Chicken
-Menu plan for next week (you can click here to see it- right side of my food blog)

Perhaps a little shopping for some candles to make a Fall arrangement- we went, but failed :(

-Paint the door going out to the garage
-Finish cleaning the last few cupboards that I haven't had time for lately!
-Grocery shop
- I didn't paint, because I had a WAY better task to do...I got to babysit my new godson on Saturday morning

-Work with potential new alarm system company
-Touch up paint around the garage and sliding glass door

-Go to a few stores to price shop plants, shrubs, etc. to put in our very naked backyard
-Get some mums for our porch!
-Take some nieces and nephews bowling

- Sleep in!
- Clean our cars (sort of...I did mine)
-Impromptu dinner party with Carl's parents

- Went to Kohls and got the few decor items mentioned in yesterday's post

For the dinner, I wasn't 100% prepared for guests, but since the house was cleaned throughout the week, all I had to do was wipe down the half bath. Then, I chose a meal that had little prep, and a dessert that could bake while we were eating dinner. It turned out perfectly!

I made a baked chicken and potato dish and an apple-cherry crisp.

Overall, this was a really busy and productive but great weekend! I've already put my mums out on the front porch, and am seriously anxious for them to bloom! Note- when buying mums, it is best for the blooms to be closed. So, as you can see, you can't see any color on mine yet, but no worries! I'll be sure to take another picture once they bloom. I think they're going to be AH-MAY-ZING!

Did you jot down the things you wanted to accomplish this weekend? Did they get done? I hope so! Have a WONDERFUL Monday evening :)

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  1. Your weekend DOES sound busy but fun and productive too! We had a busy family weekend. Just DH and I spending time with his daughter. I do have a big project today, though. I am organizing and deep cleaning my stepdaughter's room. She's 5 so I am sure it will be hard to keep it this way but I am planning on making a home for everything and showing her where things go. I will let you know how I do.


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