Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spare Bedroom...Guitar Room...Future Nursery

One of our main criteria when searching for a home was that it had 3 bedrooms + an office. Our plan is to fill two of those bedrooms with little Molly & day. But for now, one serves as a guest room, and the other, is well, nothing. We don't need another guest room, and it's going to be the future nursery, so we didn't want to spend any money fixing it up only to turn around in the next year or so to redo it all again. We just wanted to paint it and give it a few minor updates. So with a budget of like $10, we did our best.

(Please note: This room has been on the weekend plan a few times, but not completed. I didn't put it on this week, and Carl hopped right to it. I think I should take note of this.)

Here is how it looked before with the previous owner's goods:
It was a dull, chipped up green paint with a palm tree border :/ Not to mention, the border was taped on the wall. Not even glued. From what I could tell, the room used to be a nursery for the first owners. The second owner's took down whatever kid border was there, but didn't feel like removing the glue. So they just taped up this lovely palm tree one to cover the glue marks. Nice.

Our first step was a new window- but due to the settling of the house, everything had shifted. And now our windowsill was all torn up :(

On a week that Carl was gone, I took down the wallpaper, and cleaned up the walls. After that, Carl cased the window, swapped out the light fixture and the brass door hinges and knob. Then this weekend, he got to painting!

So here it is in it's limbo state. It will essentially be the guitar room for now. We are debating on hanging the guitars on the wall and making it look a little more finished. The nice part is that we have an AeroBed, so if we do have extra guests, this will now make a nice spot for overflow! We also moved our desktop up there, which gives me more room in the office since it was sitting on my desk. Our main goal for this room was to have it look decent and to have it ready for when we do start a family so all we have to do is paint and decorate. I'd say, mission accomplished.

Like I said, we didn't want to spend much in this room at all, so I'll break down the budget.

Paint: $0 (Ok. It did cost money, but it was an oops paint, on our part. It was actually meant for the hallway, but the paint matched up wrong. Rather than just get rid of it, we used it here for a nice neutral base.)

Light Fixture: $0 (The in-laws replaced some of their's and gave us this. We just didn't want the ugly brass one in there, so a nice neutral white works until we need something with more style- sorry, no before pic of the ugly brass one)

Door Hinges and Knob: $30 (Although, we used credit card reward gift cards with it, so really...) $0!

Molding and paint for the window: $15 (Approx...but again, used gift cards)

So for our cost of $0, and an actual cost of about $50, we were able to reach our goal of neutrality in this room.

Hope your weekend is going well! I'll check in tomorrow to round up how mine went!


  1. We did the same thing with our spare room/storage room/future nursery. Very neutral for now.


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