Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: The Final Check In!

Can you hear that? Listen closely! It's the sound of trumpets, applause and cheering. You made it! Yes my friend, we have made it to the end of the Happy House Cleaning Challenge. And when I say the end, I just mean for the challenge. You still have to keep doing the tasks. What? Oh c'mon! You didn't think I would just let you quit on me, did you? Nah. You won't. You're a trooper!

Before we go any further, one last time, I'll give you my numbers. This oddly enough, was probably my worst week yet, but it was mostly the vacation's fault. Since I wasn't home 3 of the days, I'll just do my numbers out of 4.

1. Make Your Bed! 4/4
2. Empty the Sink! 3/4
3. Clear the Clutter! 4/4
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor! 3/4
5. Sort the Mail! 4/4

6. Spray Your Shower! 3/4
7. Write It Down! 3/4
8. Organize Your Outerwear! 4/4
9. Clean the Counters!
10. Relax & Enjoy Your Clean House! 4/4

The challenge might be over, but I want to keep motivating you, so I will keep these 10 tasks with their links on the right hand side. Any time you need a reminder, they'll be there and you can keep making your house happy! Thanks for playing along!

So last, but of course not least, I want to see your numbers! Post them in the comments. I've been telling you all along just how important it is to post your stats, and here is why. I want to share one of my favorite magazine subscriptions with one lucky challenge participant! For each week you posted your numbers, you will get one entry, including your numbers from this week (however, you cannot add your numbers to previous weeks if they weren't already there). Next Wednesday, I'll choose the winner with Make sure to stop in and see if you won and to find out what magazine I'm gifting!

P.S. You can swap out your old Happy House Cleaning Challenge button with this new guy- I'll keep his html code on the right side with the other buttons.


  1. Aww, I'm kind of sad it's the end. I think it was the second challenge week when I found your blog and now I'm addicted!

    I was a slacker this week...
    Make bed: 6/7
    Empty sink: 2/7
    Clear the clutter: 4/7
    Sweep the kitchen: 3/7
    Sort the mail: 7/7
    Spray the shower: 1/7
    Write it down: 1/7
    Organize outerwear: 6/7
    Clean counters: 5/7
    Relax: 7/7

  2. i feel like this entire blog is a challenge to be more productive around the house. so even though this "challenge" is over.. you're still providing inspiration to keep at it. thank moll!

    make bed: 5/7
    empty sink: 7/7
    clear clutter 7/7
    sweep kitchen 4/7
    sort mail 6/6
    spray shower 1/7
    write it down 7/7
    organize outerwear 7/7
    clean counters 4/7
    relax 7/7!

  3. I am so excited to be getting our own house and to do your happy house challenge even though it is somewhat over. Now I just have to wait til the new year to start.

  4. Don't be sad gals! The challenge continues EVERY day! You know I'll keep the motivation going- or I'll at least try!

  5. make bed: 3/7
    empty sink: 7/7
    clear clutter: 7/7
    sweep kitchen: 3/7
    sort mail: 7/7
    spray shower: 0/7 (eeekkk, how did i forget?!)
    write it down: 1/7
    organize outerwear: 7/7
    clean counters: 7/7
    relax: 7/7

  6. It was a pretty good week for me!

    make bed: 2/7
    empty sink: 7/7
    clear clutter 6/7
    sweep kitchen 1/7
    sort mail 7/7
    spray shower 7/7
    write it down 7/7
    organize outerwear 7/7
    clean counters 7/7
    relax 7/7!!!

  7. make bed: 5/7
    empty sink: 5/7
    clear clutter 6/7
    sweep kitchen 7/7
    sort mail 5/7
    spray shower 1/7 (still need that daily spray!)
    write it down 4/7
    organize outerwear 1/7
    clean counters 7/7
    relax 5/7 haha. . . stressed out 2 of those days!


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