Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: A Decorating Edition

You didn't think I would short you a Tackle It Tuesday did you? Since we were finishing up our vacation day, we were able to tackle a whole bunch of things. We worked on unpacking and doing the laundry, and then we ran some errands, which essentially provided us some projects.

1. New floating shelves for the living room
2. New artwork for the living room
3. New paint color, floating shelves and faucet for the master bath

All three of those things will get done this week- can you tell Carl isn't traveling? :) And just to make it that much better, 1 & 2 just so happened to be the official Tackle It Tuesday of the week (it was Carl's suggestion ;) )

So as Carl was drilling, hanging and measuring, I was holding, eyeing, and cleaning up behind him. We make a great team!

With the floating shelves, we can now move the bookcase type shelf out of there, which should visually open up the space a little bit. Plus, it puts the set back together in our bedroom. But now the hard part starts for me, I need to decorate these shelves! I've got the items I've had in the living room up there, but it's my new decorating project, and it has a LONG way to go. I'll keep you posted along the way. Although, I'm really anxious to decorate them for the holidays!

(warning: serious WIP ahead)

As for the opposite wall, we needed something, we just weren't sure what. I hate to commit to a piece of artwork, because I am seriously fickle. But we came up with a solution. Three frames with stock prints in them for now. Hopefully one day we'll have bright kiddos' faces in there, but these work for now. I might print off some of our personal landscape photos as well, time will tell!

So there you have it, our Tackle It Tuesday. A little bit of decorating, a little bit of handyman work, and a little bit cleaning. Phew, we still have a LOT to get done this week! You know I'll be keeping you posted.

Did you tackle anything tonight? If you said no, you already know my response to that- go now! You still have time. Even a short 15 minute clean will feel great tomorrow morning! (I'll even do a little extra with you tonight- I'm going to fold laundry while we watch The Biggest Loser) Oh and don't forget, our last check in for the Happy House Cleaning Challenge is tomorrow, give it all you've got tonight!


  1. Do you mind sharing where you got the floating shelves? I have been looking for quite some time for something like this in my own living room and of course they need to be strong enough to support weight, not the cheapies.

  2. Heather- of course I don't mind! They are from Ikea. We are lucky enough to have one close by! Those are about 6ft long, and if they are supported by studs, can hold up to 45lbs. The other ones we have are about 4ft and can hold like 15 lbs.

  3. I like your shelves a lot. We have the same ones in our office. They are so sleek.

  4. You should start working on those 3 kids' faces! Just kidding. Not really. hehe

  5. The new shelves look great! I so wish we were close to an Ikea, 7hrs is a little far. Have fun decorating them.

  6. Would you tell me more about the stock photos? I've been looking for a similar trio of flowers for our bathroom. Did you order them from online? Thanks!

  7. Kris- we just got those from Ikea. They came in a set of three. (shhh...$12) They had a couple other sizes/options as well.


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