Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Round Up

Why hello there Monday! I wasn't expecting you so early. :/

This weekend was a whirlwind. SO many things going on, in so little time. We didn't have much time for projects and the like, but sometimes you just need to spend time with friends and family. I still found time to get the necessary tasks done though :)

Make Sugar Cookies
Clean Master Bath
Dust Family Room (oops...I'll get this done tonight for sure)

Clean 1/2 Bath
Decide on and make a snack for football game watching at my brother's house- I went with this
Go to Applefest
Spent almost our entire day waiting around for the cable guy :S

Possibly go to the Tiger's game (we watched from home where it was warm. But yay for a win!)
Meal plan and grocery shop (check the right side of the food blog for details)
Get more pumpkins for my porch (slowly but surely it's coming together)

How was your weekend? Are you enjoying the Fall weather...whatever that might be in your area? From the looks of it, I was pretty lazy this weekend. Guess I'll be having a busy week!

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