Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

Tonight's Tackle It Tuesday had to revolve around my TV. So that basically meant it needed to happen either the family room, kitchen, our bedroom or a local sports bar*. We skipped the bar, and I chose our breakfast table in the kitchen. I love it. I really do. I love black lacquer furniture, but it's a smudge and dust magnet. So tonight, I did a little deep cleaning on the table.

This table gets pretty much a daily cleaning with a barely damp cloth, only water. But the problem is the water doesn't really get out the smudges. Solution? Again, a barely damp cloth with just a teeeeeeensy bit of cleaner such as Murphy's Oil or Pine Sol. Worked like a charm! The smudges are gone, and the table looks great! I also removed the cushions, cleaned the chairs and table legs with the same process. Make sure to wipe with the grain, not against it.

You didn't forget about Tackle It Tuesday right? I'm sure you have a quick 10 minute project you can tackle before bed. Go on! Consider yourself motivated!

*I won't be talking about this right now. :(


  1. I worked on my closet - switched over my summer to fall clothing, still have some organizing left but overall - got ALOT done! thanks for the inspiration- as always!

  2. Hi! Last night I got home from work and immediately started to re-organize our pantry. My husband thought I was insane when I said, "It's tackle it Tuesday!". I felt great afterwards, like I had really accomplished something. Thank you for the inspiration. Love your blog.


  3. Christy- Great work!

    Gregnjen1- love it! Last night when I got home from work, Carl said "Oh it's Tackle it Tuesday!" haha. It's nice to have a friendly reminder :)

  4. I need to try this on our black desk, it always gets so many smudges from cleaner!


  5. I need to try that on our dining room table.

  6. I LOVE your table! Do you mind sharing where you got it?


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