Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Weekend Round Up

You already had a little sneak peek into my weekend yesterday, but I need to wrap the rest of it up today. I wasn't feeling 100% yesterday, so there was a lot more relaxing than anticipated, but it was definitely worth it.

  • Make Tacos for dinner
  • Perhaps make some sort of dessert
  • Finish up the week's laundry
  • RELAX! For real.

  • Work on the basement
  • Go to a wedding
  • Book our Halloweekends Trip (ahh...the joys of booking trips with a group...ever changing...still trying to lock down the plans)
  • Went out for friend's birthday
  • Relax again?
  • Clean up the's time. We are steadily in the 50's now.
  • Wash the hardwood floors-I'm hoping to get these done tonight...
  • Meal Planned
  • Made White Chicken Chili
So this weekend was a rainbow of sorts. That's usually how I like it anyhow. Did you end up having a productive weekend? Tell us about it! Don't forget about the Happy House Cleaning Challenge...we are almost done!

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