Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Updates

I'm enjoying an awfully lazy Sunday evening, waiting on our simmering white chicken chili, so I figured I'd give a partial weekend update. First of all, if you were part of the 10% that preferred I don't do fashion posts, close your eyes real quick! Like I said, I'm not changing the tune of this blog, rather just throwing in a few of my outfits I had fun wearing. We went out for my "little sister's" (she's actually Carl's cousin's girlfriend, but she's one of my most favorite people in the world!) birthday on Saturday night, and she is always a fashion statement. I have to try to keep up with her :) So I put this together, and I felt great in it all night. It was comfortable for an evening of dancing, but still bar appropriate.

Gauze Scarf: Old Navy
T-Shirt Dress: Old Navy
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Steve Madden

The other piece of this partial update is what's been going on in my basement this weekend. When we bought our house, the basement wasn't touched after the builders left. It was just a plain ol basement. And' a plain ol basement, but it's a touch more welcoming. Carl painted and dry locked the floor and walls when we first moved in, and the ultimate plan is to finish it down the road, but definitely not until little kiddos are cramping the space upstairs ;) Although, for now, it does have a purpose; it houses our treadmill. While having killer legs (should I have them some day) are a great motivation, I need something else to pull me down there. So we took my very old TV and hung it in the corner. Carl had to install a 2x4 to attach the TV mount, but otherwise, there wasn't much to this.

So now, I can work out in tandem with my favorite Biggest Loser contestants! It was a really inexpensive fix to getting me to spend some time with my new BFF, treadmill.

Cost Breakdown:
Paint for floor and walls: $80
TV: Already had it $0
TV Mount: Gifted from the in-laws! $0
Rug: Sam's Club $30
2x4s & necessary supplies: $9
Treadmill & Weights: Craigslist find $175 (delivered)

So my makeshift, temporary gym cost a total of $294

I'm really looking forward to finishing the basement one day, but since we don't really need the space, it's just not a good use of funds. I'm anxious to put in the miles down there for now!
Happy Sunday Night!


  1. I'm doing my own Tackle It...errrm...Sunday! I'm doing a deep-clean on all the windows and blinds in the house. They desperately need it. It'll take more than one night but getting started is always my problem. Seeing how clean they are will definitely keep me going! I knew you'd be proud. :) Oh, and I'd love the recipe for your white chicken chili. Sounds delicious!

  2. Cute outfit, like the shirt/dress.


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