Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Planning

Thank goodness for the weekend! We had such a busy week, I need some time to wind down. We spent Wednesday night cleaning Carl's grandma's house, and are going to try to get over there once a month to help out. It's a bit exhausting trying to fit someone else's house in on top of your house, plus working, but she is so appreciative that it's totally worth it! For the weekend, I'm going to catch up on some much needed rest...unfortunately we still have plenty of things to get done.

  • Make Tacos for dinner
  • Perhaps make some sort of dessert with ingredients in the house- love resourceful baking!
  • Finish up the week's laundry
  • RELAX! For real.

  • Work on the basement- we are just cleaning it up a bit so that I don't mind being down there to use the treadmill. I'll have an update on what I'm doing to give it an exercise gravitational pull!
  • Go to a wedding
  • Book our Halloweekends Trip (It's a Cedar Point thing for those that haven't heard of it)
  • Relax again?
  • Clean up the's time. We are steadily in the 50's now.
  • Wash the hardwood floors- deep clean

What's on your list? Perhaps it is a little more motivational than mine! Either way, have a GREAT weekend!

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