Friday, October 30, 2009

Transformation Thursday

It was way too late to blog last night, so this Transformation Thursday is coming at you bright and early on Friday morning.

We wanted to paint the house the second we moved in, no surprise that we would be a tad impatient. However, I had to pick the paint colors while I was driving to work one day (it's a long story...maybe I'll go into that later). Regardless, picking paint colors while driving is not the smartest idea. Especially for this fickle gal. I picked a lot of great colors that day, but one was a dud. Our Master Bath color. I wanted it to scream fresh, clean, spa! And it was instead screaming limey, derranged hospital room. The color was too light, and had too much yellow in it. In the daylight, it didn't look too bad, but at night with the light on, it was anything but calming. My oh-so-patient husband told me to find a new color. Well, it only took us a year and a half to finally get back around to painting it, but oh it's so much better!

First let me take you back to 2008 when we first moved in. This is what we walked into:

So, to give it a face lift, we painted (the bad color...which really isn't represented very well here), swapped out the dual finish brass/chrome fixtures for brushed nickel, and installed a towel rack since there was no towel storage at the time. (That also proved to not be a great solution- another thing you should know is I really despise wasting money....)

So the only other thing we knew for sure needed to be done was to swap out the faucet. Other than that, for the time being, we weren't going to do anything else. We still aren't sure how we want to really redo it, but countertops and doing something with the shower are high on the list, just not right now. ANYWAY- so the paint was all wrong, the towel rack was less than helpful, but I dealt with it for quite some time.

But Carl was home this week. And he wanted a project. So the Master Bath won. Now, the colors don't look completely different, but trust me- they are! Like I said, the above pic is a poor representation. The new color is a lovely, deep avocado. Mmmm! We also installed 2 foot brown shelves from Lowes to replace the towel rack, and the faucet got changed out as well. MUCH BETTER!

*If I can get photos that represent the paint better tonight, I'll do that! It's super dreary here today, so a natural light photo was not happening this morning.

So what did we do?
Paint: Grassland by Valspar in Eggshell
Faucet: Moen
Fixtures (Light, towel holder, toilet paper holder, robe hook): Brushed Nickel to replace the Brass
Shelves: 2 foot shelves from Lowes
Hinges and Doorknob: Installed brushed nickel to replace the brass

Now THIS is a bathroom I can live with...happily!


  1. It's beautiful! I love the new paint color and all of your updates. So pretty! Great job!


  2. I love it. I can tell the difference. The hue really makes it and the wood towel holders are awesome with the color. :)

  3. I love it! Awesome paint color. :)

  4. It looks really nice. Our bathroom is actually the color that you changed from. It works for us since ours is such a small space and we needed something to brighten it up. I love the new shelves.

  5. Kelli- wait til I get a more accurate photo. It looks really different in the one I posted!

  6. Love it! I really like the shelves with the towels!

  7. I love the shelves you picked out - and the color looks great! Good job!!


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