Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Planning

See that cutey little button up there? Well, due to a request, I have made that CLB (you know...cutey little button) available for you to use! So, are you doing weekend planning on your blog? Feel free to scroll to the bottomish of my blog and copy the html code and use it for yourself! (If you are tuning in from Google Reader- be sure to actually stop on over in blogland to pick it up!)

Now, to more important things...the weekend! This typically happens, you go on vacation, you come back and realize that no one did any chores while you were gone! The nerve of that empty house. So, I usually have a whole list of things to do, and this weekend will be like the others, not to mention having Halloween! Brace yourselves, I've got some ambition up my sleeves!

  • Gather our Halloween costumes- I know what we are doing, we just have to buy a few things and put it together
  • Put away all the mountains of laundry
  • Clean our bedroom
  • Clean the guest bathroom (we've been using it while the master is out of commission)
  • Clean the foyer (you know, because all those Trick or Treaters are very judgy of the inside of your entryway!)
  • Pass out candy
  • Go to a Halloween Party
  • Vacuum the whole house
  • Dust the whole house
  • Work on the living room shelves' decor
Think that's enough? I do! How about you? I love hearing about your plans! Feel free to link your blog entry about your weekend plans as well. Make a list of to dos and I promise you'll enjoy scratching a big fat line through each item as you complete it! Go buy yourself a new marker if you think that will encourage you ;) Have a spectacular weekend!


  1. YAY for the CBL!! Very excited to get started on my weekend planning!

  2. haha - can I just say that I also swept and cleaned my hardwood staircase that trick or treaters would see when coming to my front door so my neighbors wouldn't judge? LOL


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