Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning Weekend Round Up

Well, I'm a day late on my round up, as expected, but I'm back in action folks! First let's recap.

Stop by the PB outlet with our coupon and GC
Get to the cabin and unpack
Make the glaze for my Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake so we can enjoy it!


Make a craft for our Mock Thanksgiving

Take lots of fall foliage pictures

Make Beef Enchiladas & Warm Mexican Dip for dinner

Most of the same as above
Clean the cabin really well

All green. It's easy to get everything done when it looks like that! Haha. So let's look at the weekend in photos:

Northern Michigan is flooded with color this time of year. Reds, golds, oranges and greens line the roads. We spotted these gorgeous views on a walk around the cabin.

And I spotted these lovelies at the Pottery Barn outlet, and made them mine. I got all these items for a total of $35!

These vases seemed so versatile, and at that price, were a steal!

And these little acorns and leaves were irresistible!

Last, this gorgeous red throw is the perfect addition to our family room (Carl is using it as I type)

So that was OUR weekend...but how was YOURS? I'd love to hear about it! Today is all about laundry, unpacking, and getting back in the groove of, well, life. Haha. Click here for the results of the Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake, mmmm!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I love the colors. The trees in Ohio are beautiful right now too. We picked out our pumpkin and carved it.

  2. We went to my nephew's soccer game, went on a hayride and picked pumpkins, carved the pumpkins and relaxed!

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous. Have you thought about matting/framing them and using them as artwork? They would look good in our house because we have a lot of browns/golds.

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend. I love the vases from PB

  5. Painted our third bedroom this weekend and did my normal cleaning routine! Definitely behind on the laundry...I feel as if I will never catch up! Glad you had a great weekend!


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