Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Planning

Well, the car is packed, the dog is worried we are leaving him and the housesitters are informed and raring to go- that means our vacation can start! Just because we are gone, doesn't mean I don't have "plans" for my weekend planning post. But I have to hurry. Carl is tapping his foot as I type!

Stop by the PB outlet with our coupon and GC- hopefully find some holiday goodies (I'll be sure to report back...of course!)
Get to the cabin and unpack
Make the glaze for my Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake so we can enjoy it!

Make a craft for our Mock Thanksgiving in a few weeks...again you'll get a peek soon
Take lots of fall foliage pictures

Make Beef Enchiladas & Warm Mexican Dip for dinner

Monday & Tuesday:
Most of the same as above
Clean the cabin really well as we'll be the last ones to leave

Ok, you get the idea. It's mostly about relaxing, but I still have a few good things to accomplish in there. And if I'm lucky, I'll be able to blog a couple times as well. (What? Blogging is relaxing for me)

Post your weekend plans in the comments! I'll be checking the updates via blackberry on the loooooong drive up. Keep me entertained!


  1. Sounds so...well, RELAXING! ;)

  2. Oooh - your weekend sounds so nice. Here's my list:
    - I have my DD's bday party this weekend so I need to buy last minute things for that.
    - Finish folding 3 loads of laundry and put it away.
    - Enjoy my DD's bday party!
    - Finish one work project.

  3. Not too much to do here...putting up a bit more Halloween decor outside and packing up our patio furniture. Can't rake all the leaves until they dry, so that has to wait!

    Is your Weekend Planning image available for your readers to use? Because I would definitely use it and link back to your site!

  4. Dani have fun at the party!

    Gia- absolutely I can! I'll have it ready for next week!


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