Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Round Up & Master Bath Revisit

It seems like every year we debate on whether or not to put together a costume. Should we? Shouldn't we? We should. Oh crap. What are we going to do? However, this year, I got a little clever. After trying to think of great couples from movies and television this year, it dawned on me. One of our favorite shows. One I've mentioned on here a few times. The Biggest Loser! We could go as Biggest Loser contestants. Not too expensive to put together. Perfect. Done.

So we got to work, and pieced together this little ditty. And the party loved it!
*please note- that is Carl's cheesy jolly grin...not his normal little shit grin. ;)

But just like in the show, we had some work to do! So about half way through the night, we ran to the car for a planned quick change and came back as new people!

It was a huge hit! Success!

Gibson also got in on the fun. He was a pumpkin, I guess that's obvious. ;)

And he had so much fun watching for the kids! I knew there were trick or treaters because his tail would smack the closet and ottoman. He loved it!

And while I was creating and applying the iron-ons for our shirts, Carl had other plans. He decided the bathroom wasn't quite done. 1. He didn't like the faucet we originally bought. 2. He wanted to install hardware on the cabinets. So, here is a quick revisit with a little better natural light.

OK, time to get moving for the day! I've got a few purchases to put away, and I've got some cleaning to do! How about you? I bet you are doing something productive today! Don't feel like doing physical work? How about working on your Christmas list and budget? Or perhaps a holiday schedule. What? It's November now. I can totally talk about the holidays now! And just for that, I'll leave you with some more inspiration pics. Hope your Sunday morning is enjoyable!

*Photo credit BHG & Martha Stewart


  1. LOVE your costumes. Such a creative idea!

  2. Today is a definite cleaning day! Plus grocery shopping. Those pictures are gorgeous. I'm definitely feeling like it's a wreath sort of year.

  3. Absolutely loved your costumes! I was just ho hum about them until I saw the midway through transformation moment, so clever!

  4. What a great costume idea! Very creative. . . also love the holiday pics - very inspiring!

  5. You all look so cute! I wish I could get my cats to wear Halloween costumes!

  6. LOVE the costume idea. So clever!!


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