Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy House Process: Storing Halloween Decorations

Due to the request for more organizational posts, I will try to fit more in on a weekly basis. This week's post is coming to you the day after Halloween, and for a good reason. Today, I put away all the Halloween decor. I have some things that are generic fall items that I leave out until Thanksgiving (rather impatiently as I get really anxious for the Christmas stuff!), and then there are other items that are clearly Halloween items. So away they went!

I'll walk you through my decor/dismantle process one step at a time.

1. All decor is stored in totes in the basement
2. At the first sign of fall, the totes come upstairs ;) I have one tote for strictly Halloween, and one tote for Fall.
3. I get everything out, decide where it's going, and decide what every day items will need to be put away for the holidays (for me this is just a few candles that are the "wrong" color and a few other decor pieces).
4. The packing materials (i.e. boxes, grocery bags, etc.) all stay in their respective tote. The everyday items go in the Fall totes (as those will be empty longer- then I just transfer the everyday items to the Christmas totes when that time comes). The totes go back in the basement in storage.
5. Enjoy your lovely decor!
6. Now we are up to today- the day after Halloween. Halloween tote comes back upstairs, Halloween items are put away.
7. As I put the items away, I take inventory in a document on my computer. This is for 2 reasons. 1. I keep it on my computer so I know what things I actually have in case I see things on clearance and want to pick up additional items throughout the year. 2. I print off a copy and place it on the top of the tote. This way, a simple lift of the lid will tell me what is in there- in case I forget, am organizing in the basement, etc.

8. Repeat when Christmas rolls around (however, I'll go into more detail of my Christmas storage when we get there)

I hope this helps in your seasonal organization! Have any more tips on how you store your Halloween goods? Share them in the comments.


  1. GREAT idea to have a print out on top of the tote! I am always digging around in our storage bins! I am packing up our Halloween stuff tomorrow after I get a new tub, and will definitely do this!

  2. Great post. I love the idea of having a print out of what is in the container. I have a container for Fall and one for Halloween too (I just did that when I organized my basement) and I love having them separated. I voted for organizing so I'm so excited for the upcoming posts!


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