Monday, November 30, 2009

Making a Fresh Greenery Wreath

Like I said yesterday, I'll be sharing some decor ideas with you this week. And we are going to get started right now! Perhaps in your area, you can drive down a nice country road and see folks selling Christmas wreaths on the side of the road next to their freshly cut Christmas trees. I know we do, especially when we are in Northern Michigan. The thing is, up there, you are in tree country. And paying more than the cost of a wreath form and wire is just not right. So I'm here to tell you the very simple instructions on how to make your own!

Step 1: Buy a wreath form at your local craft store. There are usually two sizes- that part is up to you. Also, buy some floral wire while you are there.

Step 2: Make like Hansel & Gretel and walk the woods. This is a great time to trim your own trees as well. Any type of evergreen, fern, etc. tree will work. It's all about what YOU like! For the large sized wreath, you'll need about a grocery bag full of greenery (if that makes sense...hopefully it does).

(Now we get some photos....yay!)
Step 3: Cover your table with newspaper. Your sappy hands at the end of all this will tell you how valuable this step was. Lay out your wreath, wire, wire clippers and greenery. Cut about 25 4 inch pieces of wire. You might need more or less, but this jump start will be nice once you get going.

Step 4: Start laying down your base. I like to use a flat style to go around once, as shown on the right. On the left is a thicker base, which gives it a more natural look. Starting in one area, overlap the greenery at the base, this way, the majority of the branch part is covered. Wind the wire around the branch and loop through the wreath form. Do this until the branches are secure.

(Please remember I was at the cabin for this....I take no responsibility for the way I look)
Step 5: Start adding the filler over your base, again wrapping with the pieces of floral wire. I like a nice variety, and a rough kind of look.

Step 6: Hold it up, take a step back and give it a look like you aren't sure you like it, but you aren't sure you don't. Then put it back down and keep working on it. Once you are happy with it, tie a ribbon to to the top of the back of the form. Hang and enjoy!

Oh yeah, and when it's all said and done, your hands will be a sappy mess. Some baby oil and warm water will do the trick. You will LOVE me for that one!

So, are you going to try it? Will your front door be adorned with fresh greenery? Will your guests be greeted with the lush smell of evergreen? Let me know! And I'd love to see pictures :)


  1. loooove: However: husband is allergic to fresh christmas tree stuff. i will not be making this! But i was thinking of making a faux wreath...

  2. Love it! I was thinking about doing the same since I need 4. Thanks for the tutorial! :)


  3. That's so pretty and fresh-looking! Love it!

  4. That is great! I always wondered how to do that...I will have to give it a try.

    I always walk around where they trim the ends of the trees at the tree place and pick up extra greenery! :o)


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