Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Round Up

I'm back, and when I say I'm back, that's because I was gone :) We headed upstate for the holiday weekend, thus why my Weekend Planning was late and a bit scarce.

* Work on the $5 Gift Baskets
* Make two fresh greenery wreaths (I'll have pics for you later)
* Work on Christmas decor
* Get all the Christmas totes back in the basement
* Get some shopping done (Got a few people done this weekend...that feels good!)
* Post the 3rd installment of the HOLIDAY CHALLENGE! (check it out here!)
* Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Aw, I almost wish I hadn't gotten something done so it could have been green and red :)

How was your holiday weekend? Did you have to buy new pants? I'm just barely squeezing into mine today. What's on the agenda this week? I know mine is filled with fine tuning our Christmas decorations!

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  1. only YOU would want to be more festive by not accomplishing things and therefore adorn your blog with holiday hues. only you. (:


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