Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays with Santa's Little Helpers :Week 3 Deck the Halls!

Alright, so I still owe you all some posts regarding last week's challenge about the gift baskets, but, surprisingly, the world doesn't stop turning for lil ol me, and Sunday is here yet again! So don't worry, I'll keep working on the baskets, but we're adding another task to the list. This week's challenge is one of my faaaaaaaaaaaavorites!

Cleaning & Decorating for the Holidays

No one likes a messy house for Christmas, and well its just hard to get in the mood without some festive decor! So, this week is all about trimming the tree, decking the halls, and stringing up those lights!

Photo credit to BHG & Martha Stewart

Not sure what the heck I'm talking about? Go here and here to see the first two weeks of the challenge. Haven't joined yet? That's ok, just start now! I promise it'll make the hectic holidays much more relaxing :)

For us, decorating is all about the WISH. (no, I do not simply close my eyes and wish that all the cleaning and decorating is done)

Wash. Clean up all the areas you will be decorating. This includes moving the furniture for the tree, dusting all the shelves, mantles, etc. Don't focus so much on the floor, as you will have to clean that once everything is up. Those pesky needles don't seem to want to stay on the tree and garland!

Inventory. Bring up all your decor, and take a look over everything you have. If you keep an inventory sheet, all the better! Decide where everything is going to go. Place it in the room you plan on putting it.

Simplicity. Remember that less is more. As you are putting everything in it's place, take a step back. Try sitting on the furniture. You will see spots that are lacking and areas that are too busy. If you can, take a photo as well. Sometimes looking at it on your computer can help see missing spots.

Hide. The evidence that is. Pack up all the storage materials and put them back whence they came! Now it's time to kick back and enjoy your newly decorated home!

So stick around this week as I'll be giving you little tips and tricks on how to make cleaning and decorating bearable, including how to make your own fresh greenery wreath- I promise it's easy peasy! We worked on ours a bit tonight, and now we are just going to enjoy a little dinner by the fire wrapped up in our favorite holiday throws!

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