Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spare Time Thursday: Mountain of Laundry

I honestly can't imagine what our laundry situation is going to be like once we have kids. Ours is already a constant chore. Between our clothes, sheets and towels, we usually have 3-4 loads a week. Add a stinky pooch to the mix, and we can easily have 4-5 (he's a blanket fiend). Plus the occasional guest...let's not do the math. Either way, laundry can be a real chore for some. Luckily, it's really not one I mind, its just a matter of making sure it gets done...and put away!

Depending on the week, I might just try to do one load a day, but usually my schedule doesn't permit that. Tonight, the mountain needed climbing, and I had the time to do it, so I'm in the middle of it right now (see- a bonus to's not get breaks!). But if you are saying- ugh, I don't have time to spend 3 hours on laundry, I'm going to help you break it down into smaller, more reasonable tasks. This Thursday, we are going to Spare Time for the Laundry!

Let's start here first. We have this laundry sorter, and it is a life saver!
We put whites on the left and colors on the right. Depending on how much laundry we have, this can completely eliminate the need to sort anything. However, when we are dealing with mountains...there is always sorting.

Ok, let's get to the time break down!

10 Minutes: When you really only have 10 minutes to spare, the best option is to just sort your laundry. When we have a decent amount, ours is broken down by lights, darks, and whites (which usually includes our white towels). Get each load in a basket, and if you have the room, put it in the laundry area. This way, when you have more time, it's just a matter of throwing in a load.

15/5 Minutes (20 Minutes Total): (I'm splitting it up because we need to account for the washer to do it's business- so I'll split the times up for that as you'll need to break up the time) Do the above sorting and load your first load into the washer. Come back when it's done and move the items to the dryer, and hang dry the delicate or shrinkable items.

15/5/15 Minutes (35 Minutes Total):
Do the above sorting, starting and drying of the first load. Then, fold the clothes. Mmmmm smell that deep clean freshness! Hate folding clothes? Watch a show while you do it! Make a playlist of your 3 current favorite songs!

15/5/15/10 Minutes (45 Minutes Total): Do the above sorting, starting, drying and folding of the first load. Now go put away the clothes. This is one task that I know is hard to do! Often I will have clean clothes just waiting to be put away, but if you have 10 minutes to surf the net, I'm sure you can spare 10 to put away the clothes. (That was my own personal pep talk...if it helps you to, then that will make two of us!)

15/5/15/10/15 Minutes (60 Minutes Total): This is a possible step. Do all the above, and then iron anything in that load that needs to be ironed. You'll be really thankful on that morning you are rushing around trying to get ready when you don't have to iron your pants! You spared 15 minutes and did it Thursday night ;)

You are only 60 minutes from a REALLY done load of laundry. Start to finish. Go on- do it! The bonus to the laundry is that by just adding a few minutes here and there, you can easily get 2-3 more loads done. Don't let that cotton heap scare you!


  1. i've been considering a pre-sort basket like this! i hate emptying everything out and handling all the dirty clothes again. this is great.

  2. Oddly enough, laundry is the one chore that I actually like doing. I'm strange, I know. I still like how you broke it down into steps that I can do when I don't necessarily have the time to do an entire load.


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