Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday continues...on Wednesday

Hey there blogland, I'm stopping in real quick to finish what I started last night. This morning as I was making my coffee, I was admiring my clean microwave, but that feeling of accomplishment quickly flew out the window. The vent above the microwave was looking rather dingy. So I grabbed my handy multi-purpose tool that I keep in our kitchen drawer ( really is floral like this)

photo credit

and unscrewed the vent. I used the spray degreaser I talked about in this post quickly this morning. In about all of 10 minutes, I had a bright and fresh microwave vent. So, if yours is looking grimey too, it can really take you just a few minutes to finish!


  1. where the eff do i get hammers that look like that? seriously, where?

  2. You can get it here. And I highly recommend it.


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