Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decking the Halls....or Shelves.

The majority of our night revolved around installing a new microwave since our old one blew up last week. I guess I was just thankful for it's timing as we were able to score a sweet deal on Black Friday!

But tonight, I want to share my current decorating project as that is what is on on to do list for the Holiday Challenge this week! Since this is only our 2nd Christmas, our holiday decor is still on the slim side, but I am slowly building it up to a respectable amount. My favorite medium to work with, as you'll notice, is glass. It's extremely versatile as you can change it throughout the seasons. So, here are the shelves I'm working on in the living room. As always, they are a work in progress, but this is most likely how they will look this holiday season. (Watch out Target, we have a date on December like we've never had before. And please don't tell my husband. He doesn't always approve of my shopping relationships. Thanks.)

Then lastly, just a quick peek at my sideboard. It stays simple as it gets used quite a bit, and decorating it fully doesn't make much sense as then I have to find a spot for all that decor when guests come over! But I made use of some serving dishes, and it screams festive!

Have you been working on the decor challenge for this week? Have links to pics? Share them in the comments!


  1. Looks great! I adore decorating for the holidays.

  2. pretty! I love that red rhinestone frame!


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