Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Planning!

Woo freaking Hoo! Weekend, I love you. However, we have quite a bit to do. See, it's the holiday season, so on top of normal house duties, we've got all the Christmas stuff to worry about as well. So let's get down to business!

Unfortunately, I was NOT on top of my cleaning this week, so I need to play catch up, but that's ok, I'm geared up and ready for it! Since I have so much to get done, I'll just break it up by category instead of by day.

1/2 Bath
Wet swiffer all wood floors
Dust- Foyer, living, dining, family rooms and our bedroom
Vacuum- Rugs, stairs, hallway, bedrooms

Put back together my spice cabinet now that the microwave is in place
Clean the basement (looks like we are going to host NYE!)

Holiday Related:
Make the last project for the holiday gift baskets :)
Do some shopping
Start wrapping presents!!!
Possibly getting our Christmas present for each other....
Post about Week 4 for the Holiday Challenge!

I think that's enough for this weekend! What's on your list? Big holiday plans? Are the festivities starting for you yet?


  1. I, too, have fallen behind on cleaning this week. Thank goodness I have two teens to vacuum and load/unload the DW! It is such a huge help having them chip in!

    Can't wait to see the last installment of the gift baskets!

  2. Have you had any problems using the wet swiffer on the wood floors? We just bought a house (yay!) but I am skittish about using mine... I've just been using a mop and murphy's oil soap so far.

  3. MzBenz- so long as they are finished, it is safe. I was very nervous about it too, but Carl said it was fine and if you look at the package of wet swiffer refills, I think it says it right on there...maybe I'm imagining things though.


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