Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Round Up

Hmmm, this weekend did not go at all as planned! Oops. It was still really productive though, thus why I was MIA, sorry about that! We ended up having Carl's parents over for dinner and while the men worked on our first big project for the basement (well...I guess it's the second big project if you want to count this), the gals went a shoppin! Watch out, you are going to feel really Americana after looking at my red and blue list here....

  • Master Bath
  • Dust living, dining, family, bedroom
  • Clean leather furniture
  • Wet swiffer hardwoods
  • Clean Half Bath
  • Got Gibson his Christmas grooming
  • Gather all my cookie supplies
  • Finish menu planning for the Cookie Bake and Decorate Party
  • Work on Cookie Party layout and logistics
  • Organize my messy kitchen countertops
  • More Christmas Shopping! (This was the majority of my weekend! I have two more things to get and I'm done! Let the wrap-a-thon begin!)
  • Wrap more presents (some twice due to a pesky beagle)
  • Attend a Christmas Party :)
  • Put together hostess gift for said party
  • Start putting together gift baskets
  • Finish up our formal tree (pics to come)
  • Finish up the floating shelves in the living room (pics to come)
  • Finish up the mantle (pics to come)

So, I'll get to working on showing you what we're going to do in the basement, should be fun. It'll be a long process, but fun nonetheless. And then of course I'll be back to show you my new holiday decor. Plus I have a busy week ahead turning all the red into green up there! But more importantly, how was YOUR weekend???

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  1. It makes it so much easier to follow a list, but some days it is all a bit overwhelming! I so enjoyed the gift basket posts. I really got inspired by some of your ideas. Thank you so much. Now, I think I will print your list. It is just about exactly what I need to accomplish. Merry Christmas.


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