Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sundays with Santa's Little Helpers: Hosting a Holiday Get Together

It seems as though the holidays get busier each year, but for me, that's a good thing! I love getting to see all the people I love at this time. It's as though everyone makes more of an effort to see one another around Christmas. So, for this week, we want to challenge you to make that effort! Host any type of holiday get together this year. Some quick ideas are:

  • Cookie Exchange
  • Cookie Bake & Decorate Party
  • Strolling Cocktails and Hors D'Oeuvres Party
  • Formal Sit Down Dinner
  • Open House Style Party for a Large Group
  • Holiday Brunch

The open house style parties are definitely taken care of for us. Between our moms and siblings, we have about 5 family parties that we attend. Then on top of that, we have a Christmas Morning Breakfast at Carl's sister's house. When it came time for me to decide what sort of holiday functions we would host here, I had to think of those already in place. This year, I have a handful I'd like to tackle. I'm just hoping I can get everyone's schedules to align! Here are the events I'm hoping to give you tips, tricks, pics and recaps on:

  • Formal Holiday Dinner: Mid-December (Some close friends)
  • Cookie Bake & Decorate Party: Mid-December (My nieces and nephews)
  • New Year's Eve Open House Style: NYE (friends and family)
  • Strolling Cocktails & Hors D'Oeurves: Mid-January (friends)
I'm planning to take on quite a bit over the next two months, so wish me luck! We'll be taking a break for our 5th week as that won't happen until all the festivities are over. So my next few weeks of the Holiday Challenge will be focusing on all those events up there!

So...are you in? Are you willing to host an event? If so, tell me your plans! Whether you invite your favorite couple over for a nice dinner or are planning on hosting your entire family for Christmas Day, tell me about it! What's on your agenda? And don't be nervous if you are tackling something new. Santa's Little Helpers will be here to help guide you along the way. Keep an eye on So Not Martha's and Gia's blogs for more hints, tips and tricks!


  1. Is this a linky party? You really need to have a linky party!!!

  2. Little Lizard- I definitely can make it one! Keep an eye out for the post!


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