Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Round Up

It was snowing this morning! That made my Monday not feel so Mondayish. However, it is still Monday and time to recap!


  • 1/2 Bath
  • Wet swiffer all wood floors
  • Dust- Foyer, living, dining, family rooms and our bedroom
  • Vacuum- Rugs, stairs, hallway, bedrooms

  • Put back together my spice cabinet now that the microwave is in place
  • Clean the basement (This was started, but has a ways to go- we are working on plans to finish it- so I'm looking forward to share that with all of you!)

Holiday Related:
  • Make the last project for the holiday gift baskets :)
  • Do some shopping
  • Start wrapping presents!!!
  • Possibly getting our Christmas present for each other.... (Nope, the debate continues on what to do)
  • Post about Week 4 for the Holiday Challenge!
That's a lot of green...but still some red. I've got the whole week to turn them though :) I need to finish wrapping presents, finish shopping, and start prepping for our handful of parties that will fast approach I am sure!

How was your weekend? Did it go as planned? Either way, I'm sure it was busy! Tell me about it! I'm working on an organizing post for all you org junkies out there, so be sure to stop back later and check it out!

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