Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy House Process: Weekly Outfit Prepping

Do me a quick favor. I promise it's a quick one, however, it does require movement. Go take a look at your closet, dresser, drawers, etc. (I'll just wait here.....)

How do they look? If it looks like they maybe got sick with some bad shellfish and spewed forth all over the place, I might know how to help. The closet is a chronic issue because, well, hopefully you wear clothes every day....then they need to be washed (ugh) and then they need to be folded (double ugh) and lastly...they need to be put away (quadruple ugh (yes, I skipped right over triple)).

But even with all those ughs, that's not even the worst part for me. What I dread the most are the weekday mornings when it comes time to pick out my clothes. Yup. The thought of choosing what I'm going to wear annoys me, because I know what I am going to pull out; the items that need the least amount of prep work. I despise ironing in the morning as it makes me feel rushed. So I made a deal with myself. Pick out my clothes the night prior. This will surely help, right? Well it does! But there were still nights where I was so exhausted that I would just want to climb in bed and not look in my closet. However, in the morning I would immediately regret that decision.

This Happy House Process avoids that issue though! For me, the week begins on Monday. And Sunday nights are meant for good TV and relaxing, so I have some extra time to play with for my organizing self. My new Sunday night routine (hey I haven't thrown that word at you in awhile!) includes about 20 minutes of prep to avoid any annoying workday mornings of playing the dress up game and making a mess of your closet! Simply choose all your outfits for the week on Sunday (or whatever day of the week you feel you might be able to spare the time), iron the necessary items, and hang according to outfit.

I use an over the door double hook, and hang the pants on the bottom hook with coordinating shirt on the top hook, repeat bottom, top until the whole week is lined up. The morning couldn't be any more simple when it's time to get dressed- just grab the the first two items! The coordinating is already done and wrinkles are already pressed. You aren't forced to drag out the ironing board and wait for ol smokey to heat up.

Do you find this to be an issue for you too? Are you with me? Are you willing to give it a try? Try it out for a couple weeks. I promise- your mornings will be easier, your weekday evenings will be relaxing, your closet will stay organized and you'll actually be saving time!


  1.! we'll be trying that next week!!

  2. I usually lay out my clothes the night before and also regret when I skip it but this method is better. I only have to think of it once/week - great idea!


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