Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Showing You My Dirty

This is embarrassing. But I'm only human, so I'm sure you understand. You see, my shower head was in need of some attention. It, well, I don't need to tell you, I can just show you.

Yeah, disgusting right? That's not even the embarrassing part. It's the fact that I've been looking at the grime for a couple weeks, and am just getting around to cleaning it! It's especially embarrassing knowing just how easy it is to do.

Here's how I cleaned it- and for you greenies out there- you are going to love this one!

1. Get your tools- Plastic Sandwich Bag, 1 Cup Vinegar, 1/2 Cup Baking Soda, Rubberband, Scrub Brush (not pictured)

2. Pour the vinegar in the plastic bag, if your shower head is on wand, remove it from it's holder and place it in the bag. If it's stationary, pour in the vinegar and slide the bag over it.

3. Pour in the baking soda, and wind the rubberbands around the neck, over the baggie.

4. Again, if it is a wand style, you can just shake it. If it is stationary, just sort of massage the bag to swirl the vinegar around.

5. Let it sit for about 5 minutes.

6. Remove the bag and scrub lightly with a scrub brush. Most of the grime should have come off in the vinegar mixture, but the scrub brush will just remove any lingering bits.

7. Turn on the water, and rinse off the shower head.


Does your shower head need some love? I promise you, I did this is all of like 15 minutes. Maybe you've never let it get like this! Well, what did you tackle tonight then? Give me a new idea! Time to go...I need to go shower. :)


  1. wow I never thought shower heads could get dirty! *runs off to check mine*

  2. My shower head is in need of some MAJOR love. I have also looked at it for far too long. I will try this, thanks.


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