Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

The weekend is over, it's time to recap. We are in the midst of dealing with a sick puppy, so a few of my plans were sidetracked. :(

  • Finish the bathrooms for the New Year Challenge!
  • Start on the 3rd project for the New Year Challenge!
  • Work on the floating shelves in the living room (the OTHER neglected space after Christmas) (Other than getting a photo in a frame...and that hardly counts)
  • Do a Load of Laundry (I did 2.5 :) )

  • Get a pedicure...a much needed...much deserved pedicure
  • Menu Plan- it's below
  • Grocery Shop- this will get done today instead.
  • Make a really delish dinner on Sunday- my meal plan was a bit sidetracked, so we enjoyed Chicken Lemon Rice Soup last night- I'll blog it later!
Menu Plan for this Week
  • Sunday: Lemon Chicken Rice Soup
  • Monday: Leftovers
  • Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps & Fruit
  • Wednesday: White Chicken Chili
  • Thursday: Jalapeno Chicken & Rice Pilaf
  • Friday: Leftovers
  • Saturday: Out
I've set a date for our Valentine's Dinner with a couple friends, so I need to get working on that. I've already got my menu (I cheated a bit, but I'll explain that later), so it's mostly details, timelines, etc. to complete. How did you weekend planning go? Have you checked in with the Happy House New Year Challenge yet??


  1. Ohhh...will you share the recipe for Lemon Chicken Rice Soup?

  2. I will! Later tonight. I need to photograph it :)


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